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Concert Calendar

🔴A red circle indicates an event may be attended for credit by students in any section of Music 103.
🔷A blue diamond indicates an event may be attended for credit by students in Music 100.
$ A dollar sign indicates an event requires a ticket.

Fall 2017

9/14/17Cyrus Chestnut Quartet                                                   7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
9/15/17Jermaine Morgan Band7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
9/17/17Mockingbird Early Music Ensemble - music of Georg Telemann3:00pmParis-Yates Chapel🔴🔷
9/19/17 POSTPONED* Guest Recital - Elizabeth Johnson Knight w/Stacy Rodgers7:30pmNutt
9/21/17Guest Artist - Assembly Quartet7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
9/21/17ARTRAGEOUS! The Interactive Art & Music Experience7:30pmFord Center🔴$
9/22/17Patrons of Music Fundraiser featuring "Moonstone and Friends"7:30pmNutt
10/4/17Jazz Combos8:00pmProud Larrys
10/8/17LMR w/the Sarah Isom Center present "Sharde Thomas"5:00pmNutt🔴🔷
10/9/17LMR LIVE with Sharde Thomas & Scott Baretta1:00pmNutt🔷
10/12/17Faculty Recital - Adam Estes and Amanda Johnston7:30pmNutt
10/19/17Fall Choral Concert7:30pmNOBC🔴🔷$
10/23/17Guest Artist Recital: Jasmin Arakawa1:00pmNutt🔴🔷
10/23/17LOU Symphony7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
10/24/17LMR LIVE with Price Walden7:30pmNutt🔷
10/27/17LMR Concert - "A Song of Songs"7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
11/3/17Opera Scenes7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/4/17Opera Scenes7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/6/17Chamber Music - Quintets for Strings, Piano, and Clarinet7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/8/17Faculty Woodwind Quintet7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/9/17Mississippians and Collegians7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/15/17Percussion Ensemble and Steel Drum Band7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/16/17Wind Ensemble7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
11/28/17Low Brass Ensembles7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
12/1/17Amahl and the Night Visitors and Händel’s Messiah7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
1/19/18Guest Artist Kallen Esperian: Vissi D'Arte7:00pmNutt$
1/20/18Aria Matinèe1:00pmNutt
1/20/18LMR LIVE ft. Kallen Esperian7:30pmNutt
1/23/18LMR LIVE ft. Malpaso Dance Company & Jennifer Mizenko4:30pmTurner Center Dance Studio
1/25/18Faculty Recital Series: "A Hindemith-ey Sort of Evening"7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
2/5/18Birdland All-Stars7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
2/6/18Emily Martin (Soprano) & Amanda Johnston (Piano) 7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
2/13/18Elizabeth Johnson Knight Recital with Stacy Rodgers7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
2/15/18Symphonic Band7pmFord Center🔷
2/16/18Wind Ensemble7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷
2/17/18Faculty Recital: "Four Octaves, Roughly: The Exciting Range and Breadth of the Horn" ft. Leander Star7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
2/19/18LOU Symphony7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
2/22/18Black History Month Concert7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷
2/27/18Conspirare7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
3/1/18Julian Bliss Septet7:30pmFord Center🔴🔷$
3/3/18Rebecka McAlister4pmNutt🔷
3/5/18Guest Artist Recital: Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuck7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
3/8/18Choral Concert7:30pmNorth Oxford Baptist Church🔴🔷$
3/25/18Revolutionaries: Ginestera and Beethoven3pmFord🔴🔷$
4/9/18LOU Symphony7:30pmFord🔴🔷$
4/15/18Jocelyn Sanabria7:30pmNutt🔷
4/18/18Faculty Recital Series: Michael Rowlett, John Schuesselin, Adam Estes, and Stacy Rodgers7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
4/19/18Ole Miss African Drum and Dance Ensemble (OMADDE)7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
4/23/18Faculty Recital Series: UM Faculty Brass Quintet7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
4/24/18Percussion Ensembles7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
4/26/18Symphonic and Concert Bands7:30pmNutt🔴🔷$
4/27/18Opera Theatre - Mozart "La finta giardinera"7:30pmMeek🔴🔷$
4/28/18Opera Theatre - Mozart "La finta giardinera"7:30pmMeek🔴🔷$
4/29/18Opera Theatre - Mozart "La finta giardinera"3pmMeek🔴🔷$
4/30/18Low Brass Ensembles7:30pmNutt🔴🔷
5/1/18Wind Ensemble7:30pmFord🔴🔷
5/2/18Graduate Conducting Recital7:30pmParis-Yates Chapel🔷