Department of Music

The University of Mississippi

Student Handbook

The department of music student handbook (PDF) includes undergraduate degree checklists and much more (see table of contents). Its purpose is to ensure that students enrolled in the program have at their disposal the guidelines and requirements applicable to their respective degree programs.

The handbook is intended to take the Ole Miss music major from matriculation at the University of Mississippi to a successful career as a professional musician or music educator. The handbook is to serve as a supplement to the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalogs. Note, however that it does not replace those catalogs as the ultimate source of official information concerning courses and degree plans. Please review very carefully all the material. While your advisor and the music faculty will assist you in completing the requirements for your degree, the ultimate responsibility for your educational progress is yours.

Degree Checklists:

BM – Instrumental Performance

BM – Piano Performance

BM – Vocal Performance

BME – Instrumental

BME – Piano

BME – Voice

BA Music

Music Minor