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Department of Music
The University of Mississippi

Nutt Auditorium Reservation Requests

David H. Nutt Auditorium is located in the heart of the Music Building, and is our primary performance venue.


Requests from UM Music students and ensembles:

UM Music students who are presenting recitals must reserve Nutt Auditorium for both the performance and the dress rehearsal.

For recitals on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM, click here.

For recitals on evenings and weekends, click here.


Requests from outside the Department:

If you are not part of the UM Music Department, but wish to inquire about reserving Nutt Auditorium for an event, please complete the form below.

Inquiry from organizations OTHER THAN the UM Music Department:

  • The Multi-Media Specialist at the UM Department of Music will contact you with the required fee amount.