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Department of Music
The University of Mississippi

Minoring in Music

A Minor in Music allows a student to include a study of music as part of a liberal arts education, and to combine it with other fields of study. The minor requires 20-21 hours, which includes credit for performing in ensembles, attending music performances, and studio lessons and electives. Continuing a study of music history and theory deepens understanding and enjoyment of music, no matter what genre of music you like.

If you plan to earn a degree in another subject area, but want to keep music in your life, the Minor in Music could be a good fit; talk with your advisor.

Like all other degrees from UM Music, a student interested in the minor must audition to demonstrate college preparedness on your instrument. To find out more about the minor, auditions, or anything else, Connect with UM Music, and click on your area of music, below.



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