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Department of Music
The University of Mississippi



Audition Requirements: Undergraduate

  • Prepared music of the student’s choice (same for all incoming undergraduate students)
    • Baroque composition, such as a J.S. Bach Invention or Prelude & Fugue; or a Handel Suite or Scarlatti Sonata
    • Classical Sonata (first movement) by Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert. Moonlight Sonata not acceptable.
    • Composition from a different classical style period: Romantic, Impressionist or Contemporary


Audition Requirements: Graduate

Contact instrumental area head Ian Hominick. To request an audition or information, Connect to UM Music.



As an instrumental music major at UM Music, you can apply for the Music Scholarships.

Questions? Connect to UM Music.


Degrees offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate students may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music degree. Students choosing the Bachelor of Music degree may specialize in one of the areas of emphasis: Music Education or Music Performance. Students choosing the Bachelor of Arts in Music complement their major study of music with a minor in another field of study.

Graduate Degrees

Master of Music students can pursue emphases in Collaborative Piano, Choral Conducting, EthnomusicologyMusic EducationMusic PerformanceMusic Theory, or Musicology.

We also offer a Ph.D. in Music with emphasis in music education. This doctoral program in music is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced study in preparation for university teaching, research, and other leadership roles in music education.

For admissions information about music graduate programs, please visit Graduate Studies in Music. For more information on graduate programs, contact Graduate Coordinator Rhonda Hackworth.