Department of Music

The University of Mississippi
  • Coffin-Masterclass

    Jeff Coffin jazz master class


    Dettingen Te Deum


    UM music graduates on Commencement day

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    Pride of the South

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    African Drum and Dance Ensemble

    Peter and the Wolf 2a
  • Welcome to the Department of Music at Ole Miss, Mississippi’s flagship university. Our mission is to prepare students for professional careers by offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in music education, performance and choral conducting. Students entering our programs become part of a vibrant community led by a distinguished and enthusiastic faculty, with 25 full-time and 12 adjunct members dedicated to teaching, research and performance. Thus, our students – more than 170 majors – receive the rigorous individual attention necessary to develop their full potential. As a department within the College of Liberal Arts, we are also committed to offering stimulating courses and performance opportunities for non-majors.

    There are scholarships available through the Office of the Dean in the College of Liberal Arts.  They are available to any major in the College of Liberal Arts, but there is not an application process.  Click here to see those possible scholarship opportunities.