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Department of Music
The University of Mississippi


Video Clips of UM Performers

A YouTube playlist offers video clips of performances by University of Mississippi music faculty and students.

Audio Samples of UM Performers

Here are MP3 audio files offering a sample of the musical activities of University of Mississippi music faculty and students. The music and performances are made available for personal non-commercial use, though they are protected by copyright. Please note that MP3 is a compressed format, and that the audio fidelity of these samples cannot approach that of the compact disc.

University of Mississippi Concert Singers

Regrets sans fins, by Josquin des Prez (download, 2.2MB)

Joshua, arr. Norman Luboff (download, 4.1MB)

UM “Pride of the South” Marching Band

Rebel March (download, 850kB)

I Saw the Light (download, 1.4MB)

University of Mississippi Faculty Woodwind Quintet

Quintet, K304 by W.A. Mozart, first movement (download, 4.7MB)

Oxford Piano Trio: Robert Riggs, violin, Susan Gaston, cello, Stacy Rodgers, piano

Cafe Music by Paul Schonfield, first movement (download, 5.9MB)

Bradley Robinson, baritone, and Stacy Rodgers, piano

Camp Meeting by Charles Ives (download, 3.4MB)

The Housatonic at Stockbridge by Charles Ives (download, 2.8MB)

Warren Steel, organ

Ave maris stella by Nicolas de Grigny (download, 1.3MB)

Fugue à quatre (download, 2.6MB)