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Department of Music

The University of Mississippi

Departmental Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Music at the University of Mississippi is to provide the highest quality music education at the undergraduate and graduate level for music majors embarking on careers as teachers, scholars, performers or composers. It is also the mission of the department to teach non-majors and members of the community about music as a part of human culture and experience.

To carry out its mission, the University of Mississippi Department of Music commits itself to the following goals:

  • To provide nationally competitive training and development of music educators, scholars, and performers;
  • To prepare nationally competitive undergraduate students for successful admission into nationally recognized graduate degree programs;
  • To provide nationally competitive graduate degree programs;
  • To encourage scholarly activity including research and creative endeavors from faculty and students;
  • To provide for the citizens in the University of Mississippi and the surrounding region by:
    • encouraging faculty, students, and staff to participate in culturally enriching outreach activities.
    • providing performances of artistic merit by faculty, students, and departmental ensembles.
    • making available to the community the unique professional expertise of the faculty and staff.